Solar Water Heating Solutions:
Multi-Family Housing

MF_buildingCalifornia Solar Thermal offers high performance solar water heating solutions for multi-family housing applications that can reduce utility expenses up to 75% and increase property value up to $25 per $1 of annual energy savings.  Qualified systems will be eligible for incentives offsetting up to 80% of the total costs of the system, and by offering only the highest quality and most efficient products our systems will last over 30 years, paying for themselves many times over.  The best part is that solar thermal energy will always be free!

MF_Graph“…real estate markets assign to energy-efficient homes and incremental value that reflects the discounted value of annual fuel savings…resulting in an incremental home value of $10 up to $25 for every $1 reduction in annual fuel bills.”

– The Appraisal Journal, ‘Evidence of Rational Market Valuations for Home Energy Efficiency’

“Trying to green a property but can’t find the money to make the budget pencil out?  You might just be in luck.  An increasing number of both federal and local incentives are coming down the pipeline to support energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.”

– Multi-Family Executive, ‘Green Incentives on the Rise’


MF_PoolCalifornia Solar Initiative – Thermal
$350M in rebates available for qualifying solar water heating installations.  Maximum $500,000 for multi-family/commercial systems, amount is based on rated system performance.

Renewable Energy Tax Credit
30% IRS personal or investment tax credit available to qualifying solar system owners.

Local Incentives
Property-assessed financing, permit fee waivers, and plan check expediting.

As multi-family owners and managers find it increasingly difficult to preserve rents and maintain net operating income, they are also more diligent about finding ways to reduce costs.”

– Multi-Family Executive, ‘Waste Not’