Solar Water Heating Solutions:
Residential Systems

Schuco_House2California Solar Thermal offers only the highest quality and performance residential solar water heating systems. A solar water heating system can reduce your annual water heating costs up to 95% and increase your property value up to $25 per $1 of annual energy savings. Qualified systems will be eligible for incentives offsetting up to 60% of the total installed costs of the system. With very little maintenance our systems will last over 30 years, paying for themselves many times over. The best part is that solar thermal energy will always be free!

All of our residential system packages are completely factory tested as a system and OG-300 certified. These plug-and-play systems can be installed in as little as one day, and will integrate with your existing water heater.

RES_Chart“California has the opportunity to greatly increase its use of solar hot water, reducing the price of natural gas and the state’s global warming impact…between the residential and commercial potential for solar hot water, California could save over a billion therms of natural gas, or 5.2 percent of all statewide consumption today.

- Environment CA Research & Policy Center

“…Solar hot water systems in California homes could save more natural gas than any other energy efficiency technology: 971 million therms per yr in houses, apartments, & mobile homes across the state.”

- KEMA-Xenergy


RES_BeachCalifornia Solar Initiative – Thermal
$350M in rebates available for qualifying solar water heating installations.  Maximum $1,875 for residential systems, amount is based on rated system performance

Renewable Energy Tax Credit
30% IRS personal tax credit available to qualifying solar water heating system owners

Local Incentives
Property-assessed financing, permit fee waivers, and plan check expediting

A solar water heater does not pollute.  You can greatly reduce your carbon footprint by offsetting the greenhouse gases released when your utility generates power or you burn fuel to heat your water.  Installing a solar water heater that displaces natural gas is like taking your car off the road!