Solar San Diego

Conserving electricity and reducing our carbon foot prints is more important than ever. The experts at California Solar Thermal Inc. are here to help you reduce your utility bills by up to 75 percent! If you are interested in solar, San Diego has what you need. We specialize in high performance solar water heaters for residential, commercial and multi-family housing units. Certain qualified systems can even receive incentives for up to 80 percent savings off the total cost. There are a lot of options for solar San Diego, but don’t be fooled. Our systems will last over 30 years and will pay for themselves many times over. Remember, once the initial system pays for itself…your energy is free! The state of California has over $350 million in rebates available for qualifying water heating systems. Just one of the many reasons
why converting to solar San Diego is a great option.

We have a highly trained and knowledgeable work force that believes in what we do. Installing one of our systems will save you money while saving the environment. As our power grids become more stressed Californians could see a severe increase in their utility bills. We have over 38 million people currently residing in our state. At California Solar Thermal Inc. we feel it’s time for some of us to take charge and help save the planet, one solar water heating system at a time! We are here to help raise awareness of the benefits and affordability of solar thermal energy. These systems can be used for domestic hot water, pools and spas, space heating and cooling. If you are interested in solar San Diego trust the best. We have dedicated ourselves to reducing installation costs from 60-80 percent. Our targeted payback periods can be as little as 3-4 years which means you’ll be receiving energy for free in no time. Our solar heating systems are of the highest quality components and meet or exceed the leading industry standards. California Solar Thermal Inc. has paired with leading manufacturers, engineers and installers to offer our customers the best solar heating and cooling products at the best values available. As the 21st century blazes on more and more people are going to realize the benefits of what we do. Its time you jumped on the solar San Diego bandwagon and start saving energy and money. Let the pros at California Solar Thermal Inc. get you hooked up today.